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Do you hear Her/is Masters Voice, little doggy !?

It has to be said that on the rare occasions I do wonder into HMV it undoubtedly takes at the least 10 minutes to fight my way through video game props, Audrey Hepburn and Twilight boxsets, shitty slogan t-shirts and a bin of posters of entertainment celebrities that I can never really justify putting up on my wall, simply in order to curiously look between the corners and browse the Reggae, Jazz or Electronic ‘section’. You’d been pushed to find more than a handful of vinyls too.

”I thought this was a music shop…?” So that said, I am not surprised nor particularly saddened to hear the recent news. 

I was told a few weeks back now and my first thought was ‘Well. over half the independent stores have closed already because of giants like you so taste your own medicine’ and yes, out of anger and sadness that independent/underground ( synonym; quality! ) have to suffer first and slowly but to look at the bigger picture, its quite something to prove the state of the music industry, which we all know is fighting to keep alive. 

BUT, look around, think what narrates your emotions so frequently and all throughout life, any era, both in your personal space and when celebrating amongst tons of strangers. Its the music that unites you and in various disguises too!

So the industry may be falling down brick by bigger brick just as I for one am trying harder than ever to put my brick into that wall, I stand safe in the belief… no the assertion that the music industry may die, but music itself will never, and it will always bring people together, always. We just dont need to buy a CD anymore.

Buy a gig ticket instead !


MIMS article here;

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Kahlil Joseph with his "Short Film Special Jury Award" winning film at the Sundance Film Festival this year featuring music from FlyLo’s “Until The Quiet Comes”

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All Exit on Party 934 | 94.9 FM Hudson Valley | Independent Non-traditional Radio | broadcast on 6th December 2012 

Show #28 — So The Dells kick off the show with some disney adultery with a version of Dionne Warwick’s ‘Walk On By’, Followed by a choice selection from the WotNot advent calender -Stillsound. Fybe: one does a sick remix of Thina Sobabini, Regular play adds another knotch to the bedpost for Nicolas Jaar and fLako, Archie Pelago does a distant number on HGLDT, Shigeto makes an appearance, some S O H N which is taking over my world recently followed by a bootleg remix from me ALL EXIT and Tom Moulton does a lengthy mix of the legendary band WAR.. Sit back and space out … 

And to follow up on the S O H N post, heres my bootleg remix. FREE DOWNLOAD

and check the found images (un)relating machine and nature that makes the official video;

The ever wonderful Miss Tori Maries drops her wonder once again for the (not so) lastest tune ‘Sado’.

Live For the Funk release #2

Live For the Funk are proving to be very trustworthy when it comes to quality releases. LFTF002 is only there second OUR SOUNDS offering.

With the first release; UNTITLED EP from JAM JAM blowing me away as one of my favourite releases so far in 2012, and there is not much left of it. Along comes 22 yr old London Based Producer MATHS TIMES JOY with the emotionally explosive HIDEAWAY EP.

Keep notes on LiveForTheFunk people, they are on the groove right now of the electronic pulse, and giving both their first two releases away fro free, carrying the right ethos along with them. my appreciation for your work boys and girls, thank you !